Replacing batch-level certificates.

100% Traceability

You are guaranteed 100% traceability meaning consistent quality. Verified and certified. The backbone of the uniform quality is still based on the original QA/QC plan, consisting of more than 100 checkpoints – a QC plan each ball valve has undergone from the very beginning in 1997. The processes and control measurements are the same, however, they now take place digitally and MODU uses many different computer-based machine equipment to control each tolerance, therefore no human error occurs. 

The automatic production in conjunction with the control plan is why we can give each customer an absolute guarantee of a fully claim-free product. Such a guarantee makes a big difference to the end customer, who can be 100% assured of claim-free products. Costly downtimes and complaints are all in the past. MODU has also taken the well-known material certificate to a whole new level. It now verifies not only the materials but also contains other valuable information such as the highly important torque value of the valve, torque of nuts and bolts, etc.

Verified and certified

  • We insists on, and guarantees, 100% traceability and consistent quality. Verified and certified, of course.
  • This is done quite literally by us checking and serial numbering every single ball valve, so that an absolute guarantee can be given for a problem- and complaint-free product.
  • Everything is done digitally, thus avoiding human error.

100% Traceability

• We’ve further developed the already known material certificate. Now it verifies not only the materials but also the quality.
• Each ball valve has 7 certificates, a production
log and an overall verification of the quality. All this gathered in an online database that is accessible to the customer.

100% transparent Supply Chain from raw materials to end product

In the development of our Supply Chain from raw material supplier to end consumer, MODU has looked at how we can reuse our product data with our customers, so that together we create internal processes and work flows that are as efficient as possible, and thus we help our customers to reduce their costs.

Achieve improved workouts with integration of our digitized product data

We have analyzed our systems and digitized them and come up with a solution where the customer takes over / receives usable product data – popularly said “we take responsibility for their entrance control, traceability / food safety, certificate handling and finally add a 100% guarantee on each single ball valve ”.