We have a SIL 3 approval included in our offer – it is not a supplement, but a quality assurance, from an objective point of view.

The Safety Integrity Level/SIL is an integral part of process engineering. SIL has its origins in the petrochemical industry and has subsequently become widely accepted in virtually all other segments of the industry.

Consulting engineering companies, design developers and factories use SIL to reduce risks – human as well as operational/constructional risks.

Many companies use SIL classified systems and components as proof of safety when applying for production approvals with the municipality and the state. SIL is also used internally in companies to document that the safety of employees, process equipment and factory buildings has been considered

Safety Integrity Level is about trying to avoid accidents (personal hazards), breakdowns in production and the security of supply. In short, to think and incorporate security during initial planning stages. SIL is used in many different types of companies/applications such as chemistry, acid, steam plants, but also in ordinary district heating installations to avoid accidents with steam emissions (personal hazard) and this applies to both local, national companies as well as global groups.

IEC 61508 specifies four safety levels SIL 1, SIL 2, SIL 3 and SIL 4. SIL 3 is the best, and highest, SIL classification used in common industry. MODU ball valves are SIL 3 components. Ball valves with extremely long, and safe, life/run time – validated and documented objectively through 3rd party studies/calculations.

It is, of course, important for competitiveness if companies can achieve even higher security and at the same time reduce costs. The reduction in costs does not just come due to fewer accidents or standstill in production. Born of the high demands for SIL 3, components of insufficient/poor quality are sorted out.

Compared to the lower SIL classes (SIL 1 and SIL 2), the average probable service life, without breakdowns and failure, for a SIL 3 classified MODU product is much, much longer than for valves with lower SIL classifications – in fact, the failure probability is 10 times greater for a SIL2 ball valve and 100 times greater for SIL 1 valves.

SIL, Safety Integrity Level – is an objective method for technicians and purchasers to assess the quality of the used or offered ball valves/components.