Product overview

We have introduced four new standards that resonate within plant-critical component selection. MODU is already characterized by the SIL 3 approval and with the introduction of Series number, 100% Traceability and Production log we set a new standard for documentable and uncompromising quality. We make an end to “Copy-paste certificates” and the “generic certificates” that characterize the market today – in favor of the one-on-one certificate with unique serial production number and function tests.

Together we make it better.

For Engineers

We help you as an Engineer to improve the quality of your manufacturing process by verifying the quality of each individual valve.

For Strategic Purchasers

We help you as a Sourcing Manager or Purchaser to optimize Total Cost of Ownership, digitize QA and safeguard your brand.

For Maintenance Teams

We help you as a Maintenance Manager or Service Crew to work smarter and prevent time-consuming mistakes.