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Improving, innovating and safeguarding production quality – we are here to offer our valve expertise.

You and your colleagues have the responsibility to ensure the production runs smoothly, with all approvals and certifications up to date and in order. We have worked on new ways of making this better and more reliable for you as an engineer.

Increasing trust by digitalizing the traditional paper certificates

Until now the standard for certificates has been pen and paper and manual entries where the product is documented at a batch level – not an individual level. With the ProLog system, we have both modernized and digitized the certificates. Every single part of the ball valve comes with 100% traceability, referencing a unique serial number ID. The production log is individual documentation that proves that each valve ordered has been produced correctly and according to the tolerance requirements that are decisive for the functional life as well as the important actuator dimensioning. Digitization gives you advantages in reducing or even eliminating the certificate costs, and at the same time this system opens up to minimize manual work processes. Thus rethinking the flow around certificates.

Fast and easy online access to valve certificates

All customer certificates, the traceability along with the new production log is now freely and easily online accessible, even before you receive your delivery. Today you do not know how and who manufactured the polymers, by adding the new ProLog concept you will have a transparent and full traceability. You, your QA, or your customer, and even the local food authorities will benefit from always having the information you need; instantly on demand.

Standard logging of all wetted parts for quick and easy identification

Normally not all wetted parts have traceability and this carries a risk or an uncertainty of the origin of the item(s). We have decided to eliminate these risks by improving our company standard now logging all wettet parts. This ensures quick and easy identification and traceability, offering you safety against contamination of phthalates and heavy metals, safeguarding your brand and product.

One-to-One certificate for safeguarding your product and brand

Adding the measured valve torque, the body bolt torque´s, the stem nut torque figures, and a functional test into the new revolutionary One-to-One certificate, will eliminate human errors and virtually ruling out all non-qualified products. The automated and digital certificates are a giant leap for the departments of Technic, Purchase and Quality Assurance.

These might look like small innovation on their own, but together add up to make a huge difference in your team´s ability to accurately monitor and control the quality and efficiency of your production process.

Would you like to find out more about our innovations or would you like to talk about how our engineers could help improve your specific production setup? Please reach out to one of our experts.

Verifying quality of each individual valve thus eliminating human errors

  • Until today industry standard has been pen and paper and manual data-entry. With MODU Cloud Service we replace documentation on batch level.
  • Every valves comes with an unique serial number making every wetted part 100% traceable. Now each individual valve has been tested with more than 100 checkpoints and everything is stored in the cloud.
  • This eliminates human errors and manual work flows and thus bringing down Total Cost of Ownership.

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