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For Strategic Purchasers

We help Purchasing Officers to optimize total cost of production, prevent downtime and safeguard your brand.

Strategic sourcing, new sustainable solutions, planning and enterprise risk management – we are here to offer our valve expertise.

We exchange and analyze valve data with a continuously innovative mindset, while co-creating the best solutions with manufacturing experts in their respective fields. Whether it concerns documentation of total cost of ownership, plant-up-time, or financial, operational and strategic risks according to ISO 31000 standards – we want to understand your business and help you in adding value to your production processes. This is why we have developed the following innovative features:

  • By digitizing our Quality Assurance, we offer you a way to re-use our gathered data for application in your own company. This creates real cost savings, eliminates human error and reduces unnecessary time spent on double checking and verifying data.
  • Our MODU ProLog concept features 100% traceability and transparent supply chain for quick and accurate identification of valve performance, greatly reducing the risk of costly downtime. It also offers a safeguarding of your brand and product by guaranteeing you, your customers and the Food & Drug Authorities there is no contamination of phthalates and heavy metals.
  • We store all certificates for you in an easy-to-access cloud environment, totally free of charge.

We believe that continuously working on added value for you and your team is the key to a long and fruitful partnership. So please tell us what we can do for you and your team, and we can start talking about how we can help improve your business today. Our valve experts are eager to offer their expertise.

Make your company better with us

  • Fully digitized Quality Assurance with useful data
  • All-new ProLog concept for accurate identification and contamination-free production
  • Free cloud based certification storage for all MODU customers

Verifying quality of each individual valve thus eliminating human errors

  • Until today industry standard has been pen and paper and manual data-entry. With Mars Cloud Service we replace documentation on batch level.
  • Every valves comes with an unique serial number making every wetted part 100% traceable. Now each individual valve has been tested with more than 100 checkpoints and everything is stored in the cloud.
  • This eliminates human errors and manual work flows and thus bringing down Total Cost of Ownership.

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Located in Vejle our team consists of the following departments: Technical Department, Internal Sales, External Sales, Purchasing, Documentation, Workshop, Assembly and Administration.