– A modular valve system


Never before has there been so many types of valves. So many dimensions, connections, and spare parts. Drawings, tables, and datasheets. And it makes sense, because never before has there been so many different needs and applications. But it also means that the complexity has  increased. And it’s not necessarily good or necessary. Everyone working with valves has learned to live with it.

No longer.

In collaboration with our partners we have investigated and developed a modular system that reduces the amount of complexity for procurement, maintenance, and engineering. At the same time, the system is backward compatible with existing products and spare parts. 

A system that reduces installation time, welding costs, troubleshooting, and future maintenance. 

A system that eliminates installation errors.

A system where all products fit together.

MODU ONE – A modular valve system

Our company name MODU is short for modular. With the modular system, we have created a well-thought-out system where different types of valves share the same dimensions and connections. Spare parts have multiple functions. This modular approach will ease installation, maintenance and 3D-drawings.

MODU Safe Mounting (MSM) focuses on error-free installation and is a significant step in Process Safety Management. The MODU ONE valve system has been a process that has been ongoing for several years – uncompromisingly, we have measured, weighed, and discussed back and forth, but now we are left with a feeling of satisfaction, where we have added value to the industry.

In our system different types of valves share the same dimensions, connections and spare parts. At the same time, the system is backward compatible with existing products and spare parts. The MODU ONE valve system provide benefits for procurement, engineering, and maintenance. 

Be inspired

Do you want to hear more about our new MODU ONE valve system?

Feel free to contact Henrik Aarup Svendsen – hs@moduvalves.comCEO at MODU Valves. 
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